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Q: How can I tell the difference between gold & pyrite?

A: Gold is not shiny, it does not reflect in the sunlight. It is gold in color, and dull. Gold is also heavy and when panning it will stay at the bottom of the pan and will not float out.

Iron Pyrite is not gold color. It is bright, shiny, and yellow color. Pyrite is not heavy. When panning, it moves easily the same as dirt.

Q: How much gold was taken out of the Bradshaw Mountains?

A: In 1863 a group of miners and explorers led by Joseph Walker found their way into the Northern Arizona mountains. The Bradshaw Mountains offered them their best hope yet for gold.

The Walker Party prospected the area around Lynx Creek finding the mother lode. In the next few years thousands of ounces of gold came from the Lynx and the areas around this Arizona mother lode. Miners came and went, the towns of Walker and Prescott grew and flourished. Fortunes were made and lost.

In the height of the rush an ore tunnel was built thru the mountains from Walker to Poland Junction many miles away. More ore was moved and Lynx Gold became the standard that other areas were measured by. Since 1863 over 300,000 ounces of gold has come from the Lynx Creek area. At the height of gold prices in the early 1980's, that is well over $240,000,000.00 a year. Even at todays' prices, if that was broken down by years, that is still over $1,000,000.00 a year.

Don't despair there is still gold in Lynx Creek, only about 20-25% has been taken out. Every day we send folks out to the areas that gold has been found. When these folks return to the store, almost everybody has found some color. Whether you are a first timer or an old timer let us help you with your prospecting needs. From gold pan starter kits to the most advanced metal detectors in the world. Come in and let us help you find gold in the Bradshaws.

Q: What can I do with the gold that I find? Do you buy gold?

A: Most people save the gold that they find, others will sell it. The store does buy both fine gold and gold nuggets. Call to confirm. We also sell gold nuggets and have many to choose from!

Q: I don't know how to pan for gold, where can I learn?

A: Anyone who comes into the store is welcome to ask for a free gold panning demonstration. We have a special spot in our store set up for just that purpose. Come in today & let us show you how to pan for gold!

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