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Our customers are finding lots of gold in Prescott, AZ & the Bradshaw Mountains.
This page is dedicated to them!

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Click to View: Gold Nuggets

All this gold was found within 2 months in the Bradshaw Mts. from one of our customers who wishes to remain annoynomous.
posted: 7/8/00

Click to View: Bob's Gold    Bob Dansie with his Minelab SD2100

So, you think the gold is all gone? The nuggets shown in the picture above were all found since Sept. of 1999 in various places in Arizona, prospecting on weekends. There is no real secret to finding gold like this. It takes hard work, patience, a knowledge of what rock types will produce nuggets and most important in this age of technology, the latest in electronic prospecting tools. I used three detectors: The Fisher GoldBug II, the Minelab XT18000, and the SD2000. All have their own place. Each does something unique that the other doesn't and each one helps me find additions to my nugget collection. I recently purchased a Minelab SD2100 as an update, and found three nice nuggets the first day I used it. Needless to say, I love it. Thanks for the good deal and help in selecting a new detector J.W.

Bob Dansie
posted 7/14/00
Click to View: Rick's Gold    Rick Antonavich
Gold Quest 1 & 2
July 1999
posted 8/18/00

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