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~ Sluice Boxes ~

A51A Super Mini Sluice
The lightest most compact sluice box with all the features of a professional sluice.
Including removable flare for back packing.
Ideal for small streams or slow moving streams.
Size 6 1/2" x 11" x 33".
Weight 5 lbs.

A51 Mini Sluice
The standard sluice for lightweight prospecting.
Our most popular medium size sluice for all around use.
Size 36" x 10".
Weight 5 lbs.

A52 Hand Sluice, Compact - Portable - High Production
This sluice box has been the standard of the industry for decades.
Designed with a wider flare for faster separation and longer for greater capacity.
The flare is detachable for storage and packing.
Easily balanced for carrying.
Size 10" x 51" with a large 18" flare.
Weight 11 lbs.

Gold Gem, 38" Stubby Flare
picture coming soon

E-Z Sluice by Tee Dee Co.
picture coming soon
sluice kit $39.95
flare $12.95

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