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Gold Magic can be used wet or dry, to separate the black sand from the gold. There are many different models available, check below for specifics on each model.

GOLD MAGIC™ 12-10 "Spiral" Gold Recovery System

Model 12-10

List Price $439.50
Our Price

GOLD MAGIC™  "Spiral" Gold Recovery System

Model 12E

List Price $397.00
Our Price

GOLD MAGIC™ 12E to 12-10 Coversion Kit Includes

Model 12E to 12-10 Kit

List Price $47.50
Our Price

The GOLD MAGIC™ Model 10M uses the same rugged components as the 12-volt power driven model 12E.  The hand crank has been substituted for the power pack.

Model 10M

List Price $197.00
Our Price $

Model CK-II
Black Sand and Gold Separators (Wet Process)

The Model CK-II was developed with some major improvements over existing left hand rotating wheels that have a pass-thru hole in the center and require a water pump.  The water delivery to the pan is done by containers fastened to the rim of the pan, spilling water as the wheel rotates.  Patents are pending on this feature.  This eliminates the pump, which was a major source of trouble and consumed two-thirds of the power.  Our patented removable gold cup is also used on CK-II model, giving you absolutely clean gold directly into your vial. Now includes 12 volt battery and wall outlet charger.

List Price $249.95
Our Price

Model CK-I

The Model CK-I was developed to get gold out of black sand concentrate using the wet process. The motor, hub and switch are mounted to a control board, which hooks to the inside of a 3 1/2 gallon bucket. The system is 12 volt. A fully charged 4 1/2 amp gel-cell battery will operate the pan for 20 hours. Our patented removable center gold cup is used on this CK-I model. Now includes 12 volt battery and wall outlet charger.

List Price $219.95
Our Price $

Solar Cell Charger
List Price $139.95
Our Price $

Gold Digger Shovel
List Price $19.95
Our Price $

Gold Magic Limited Warranty: Gold Magic™ systems and accessories are warranted by Century Mining Equipment against defect in workmanship or materials under normal use of One Year after date of purchase from Century Mining Equipment or to final consumer when purchased from authorized Gold Magic™ dealer.

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