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~ Gold Buddy ~

   Krak Vak
This Krak Vak 2 cycle vacuum/blower comes with a strong and reliable Homelite engine. CONVERTED FOR DRY WASHER USE. The 350 CFM-150 MPH blower/vacuum has plenty of power to clean those deep cracks and crevices; plus, as a blower it can be used on all of the Gold Buddy Dry Washers and others, and others, as well. It comes with 6 feet of 2 1/2" vacuum hose, crevice attachment and a container of 2 cycle oil.

Our price $310.00

Prospector Rake 
An indespensable tool for dredging, metal detecting, and prospecting, in general. This rake is rugged and lighweight, with a non-splintering handle. There are 6 welded tines with a scaper on the back. The overall length is 18"

Our Price $19.95

12 Volt Mini Highbanker
This versatile little concentrator let's you see your gold instantly, almost. Ribbed, rubber matting in the top section; carpet and expanded metal in the lower section; makes this a very efficient little unit. Self-contained and it requires minimal classification, 1/4" to 3/8". It can be used for sampling or prospecting. It's a perfect companion for a dredge, drywasher or vacuum! Easy to set up. Ready to use (except for a 12 volt  battery, not included.) Quick lift-out tailing box. Aluminum Concentrator folds down into a 10 gal. case/reservoir, with room left over for other equipment! UNIQUE and COMPACT. 17"W x 27"L x 13"D. Weight 19 POUNDS!!!

Our Price $299.00

Just the right size. It's small enough to move easily to find the Gold! It's big enough to handle a yard or more of dirt an hour. The generous hopper has an adjustable flow regular. The riffle box has an angle adjustment and a vibrator for efficient Gold-getting ability, fines and course. Easy - no hassle leg set up, let's you connect or disconnect legs in half the time as the others, and they fold down very compactly. This unit can be powered by a 2 cycle leaf blower. It weighs only 35 pounds, (w/o blower motor).

Our Price $429.95

The Vibra-Lite Series:
Don't let the Sizes Fool You! Ultra small and light, BUT, BIG on PERFORMANCE and Gold RETENTION. They will out-work many dry washers twice the size. The legs are easy to remove in order to backpack or to store. It uses a standard 2 1/2" vacuum hoses, making it a great companion with a dirt vacuum.  The hopper has an adjustable flow regulator. The riffle box has an angle adjustment and a vibrator for efficient Gold-getting ability, from nuggets to dust. Simply undo the wing nuts on the legs, pop them into the hopper, strap it onto your backpack and go for the Gold! These units can be powered by a 2 cycle leaf blower or attached to your dirt vacuum system. These hardy aluminum units are:
Small: stands 36" high by 13 1/2"W x 21"L - weighs ONLY 15 POUNDS.
Our Price $329.95
Mini: stands 31" high by 12" W x 18"L - weighs ONLY 11 POUNDS.
Our Price $259.95

Gold Buddy II
12 Volt Highbanker
Sluice is over 40" long, assembled; with a uniquie wash/spray system for very efficient gold recovery. All metal stand has adjustable legs for easy use. The unit comes with a quiet, low energy high volume pump. 14 pounds, total weight for the sluice, stand, pump and hose, making it ideal for packing to the creek or packing in! For the desert, recirculate it in its own container/reservoir, which contains bucket and box divider. Complete package weighs only 22 pounds, w/o battery. Gold Buddy II will run for hours on a gel cell: up to a day on a light weight, inexpensive garden tractor battery; and for days on a fully charged auto battery. Easy and simple to assemble and disassemble. Everything fits in its own container/reservoir for easy, compact travel and storage. Container/reservoir measures 17"W x 27"L x 13"D. It holds 15-18 gallons of water. SILENT and NON-POLLUTING!

Our Price $349.00