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~ Books ~



Gold Diggers Atlas, Johnson. This complete book of maps shows where gold has been found in the western United States. Gold areas are printed in red shading, as are locations of key rock and gem shops, famous hard rock mining sites etc. 64 pgs. $6.00

Nuggetshooting Dryplacer Areas, Field Edition, Straight. A guide for the weekend prospector searching for nuggets in desert drywash areas. Describes the best drywashing areas and techniques. Includes an insert on Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold. 50 pgs. $7.95.

Arizona's Little-Known Gold Placers, Wielgus. The author acts as a personal guide for getting the prospector off the beaten path by supplying photos and directions to lesser-known placers throughout the state. 128 pgs. $22.95

Arizona's Golden Secret, Wielgus. Reveals to the amateur those areas and methods needed to become a successful gold hunter for Arizona placer gold. Includes numerous maps. 54 pgs. $18.95

Your's for the Taking, Wielgus. It's about getting more of your share of desert gold. Highlights little-known, remote placer sites, prospecting on a budget, use of the high-banker and the mini-sluice. Pictures and maps. 125 pgs. $18.95

Arizona Gold Placers and Placering, Wilson. Originally an Arizona Bureau of Mines publications of placer areas in each county. Contains section on small scale placering. 148 pgs. $7.95

Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona, Johnson. Map Included. 103 pgs. $7.95

Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada, 118 pgs. $7.95

Gold Rush!! A Young Prospector's Guide to Striking it Rich, Klein. A leading gold expert teaches kids how gold and other mineral sare created , how prospectors find gold, the history of gold in the United States, where it can be found today and even how they can pan for gold themselves and stake claims in their own backyards. Illustrated with maps, photos and line art. 96 pgs. $8.95

Handbook of Treasure Signs and Symbols, Carson. Describes and illustrates most of the basic symbols used in hiding treasure. 60 pgs. $8.95

Death Traps to Treasure, Kenworthy. Line drawings and diagrams show how to recognize and avoid the "death traps" set up by the Spanish explorers to protect their treasures in the New World. Spanish and Mexican imne traps, warning sighns and symbols. This is the third in the series. Full of many illustrations and diagrams. 64 pgs. $14.95

Unfound Treasures of Mexico: Espanol and English, Kenworthy. This book includes how to read signs and symbols, which treasures are still unfound, their approximate location, and a narrative style which contains history and treasure lore. A highly informative book on the lost teasures of Mexico, their possible hiding places and clues where to look when searching. The book is half Spanish and half English. 96 pgs. $14.95


Ghost Towns of Arizona: Remnants of the Mining Days, Bauer. Striking full-color guides. Bound in water repellent, film laminated covers. Extensive center-spread maps of the state highlights locations featured in this book. 48 pgs. $5.95

Zip Zip: Mastering Your Nugget Detector, Sallee. Revised 2nd Edition. The latest guide to using and operating the modern gold nugget detector. An illustrated guide with comprehensive instructions. Well illustrated. 109 pgs. $19.95

Zip Zip: The Advanced Course, Sallee. $19.95

Gold Fever, deLorenzo. Favorite among beginners. Full-page illustrations on the mechanics of panning and sluicing. Maps of Western states gold locations. Numerous illustrations. Detailed instructions on how to pan for gold (with many illustrations) includes drawings and instructions on how to build and use a portable sluice and where to look for gold. 80 pgs. $5.95

Weekend Gold Miner, Ryan. "How-To" for the amateur. Prospecting, filing a claim, maps, drawings, and illustrations. One of the most popular and inexpensive of the gold titles. The author becomes a personal guide to finding gold and getting it out. 80 pgs. $5.50

Rockhounding Arizona, Blair. 75 rock-huning sites throughout Arizona. Author describes more than seventy of the states best rockhounding areas. Covers popular and commercial sites as well as numerous little-known sites. For the beginner, offers a complete introduction to this many-faceted hobby. For the expert, it is an outstanding guide and source-book. 165 pgs. $12.95

Explore Arizona, Harris. Native Arizonan leads would-be explorers to 60 out-of-the-way places. Explore old forts, ruins, waterfalls, ice caves, cliff dwellings and other Arizona wonders. Maps. 126 pgs. $6.95

Lost Mines of the Great Southwest, Mitchell. Search for lost mines and hidden treasure using the legends of the Indians and the Spaniards of the Southwest. Illustrated. 179 pgs. $12.95

A Fortune in the Desert, Markiewitz. Mountains of wealth can be yours. This book is the source of mineralogy information and mining techniques needed to help people today reap the riches still held within the earth. 80 pgs. $7.95

Lost Mines & Buried Treasures: Along the Old Fronter, Describes and locates buried treasure locales in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Southern California and Mexico. Illustrated. 240 pgs. $12.50

Black Range Tales, McKenna. Chronicling Sixty Years of Life and Adventure in the Southwest. 300pgs. $12.95

Dry Washing for Gold, Klein. UPdated edition with more on modern electronic prospecting and current equipment. Describes dry washing, a profitable means of extracting gold in regions where water sources are not available. Illustrated. 89 pgs. $7.95

Miner's & Prospector's Reference Handbook, Seibert. A reference book for prospectors. Prospecting and Processing Techniques. $11.95

The Modern Goldseekers Manual, Bryant. This book will introduce you to the equipment and the techniques used by the hobby or small scale placer miner. Canadian Best Seller. Many illustrations. 223pgs. $12.95

Arizona Walls: If Only They Could Speak, Martin. Stories of Arizona, from heroes and cowards, lovers and murderers, to gunslingers and pioneers, as told by a native Arizonan and Master Storyteller. 288pgs. $14.95

Directory of Active Mines In Arizona: 1995, Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources. A directory of active mines for company listings, Sand & Gravel Operations, Mine Index, Commodity Index, Mineral Production Table. 25 pgs. Map included. $8.95

Buried Treasures you can find, Marx. A book that every treasure hunter and metal detector hobbyist should possess. Lists over 7500 specific known sites of buried treasure in 50 states. Complete information about using the latest, most modern metal detectors. Color photos. 365 pgs. $14.95

Ghost Towns & Historical Haunts in Arizona, Heatwole. Stories that first appeared in the Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette reveal real life in the old mining towns in words and photos. 144 pgs. $6.95

Arizona Treasure Hunters: Ghost Town Guide, Fox. Handy reference for locating old mining camps, ghost towns, forts, railroads, rivers, lakes and Indian reservations. Includes a fold-in-map of Arizona and a detailed glossary. 24 pgs. $5.95

Arizona Ghost Towns and Mining Camps, Varney. An Arizona Highways Book. A travel guide to history. Full color portfolio, regional maps, historical photographs. 136 pgs. $14.95

Ghost Towns of Arizona, Sherman. The authors have included many specially drawn maps; and accurate township, range, and section co-ordinates place the towns at their correct locations. Using this information, today's "explorer" can locate the sites from standard base maps. 208 pgs. $21.95

Hurricane Smith & The Lost Dutch Mine, Dalis. Most thrilling western ever! Can it be true? Solve the mystery of the phantom Lost Dutch mine - clues inside! See the light at the end of the tunnerl - and go for it!! Play Cowboys & Indians all over again!!! The most terrifying mountain - only 40 miles east of downtown Phoenix!!!! 152 pgs. $10.95

Advanced Prospecting & Detecting for Hardrock Gold, Straight. A semi-technical guide for the serious detectorist that introduces little-known technical aspects and terminology for prospecting. Includes explanations, references, illustrations, charts, tables and glossary. 46 pgs. $10.95

The Gold Boom: What Does It Mean To A Prospector?, GPAA. Valuable information on gold, including its history, value and worth, the Gold Standard and gold as an investment. 24 pgs. $2.95