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~ Minelab Metal Dectectors ~

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Coin, Treasure & Relic Searching
    Detecting for coins, relics and treasure is by far the most widely enjoyed form of metal detecting around the world. In every country there are myriads of valuable objects of great historical interest to be found including coins, war relics and rings. After centuries of making metal objects of value, the world is literally covered with items of great interest and value, some lying hidden for many years. Detectorist also enjoy valuable finds of current coins, jewelery and even watches at the beach or the park.

Musketeer Series VLF 5 kHz

Sovereign Series BBS 17 Frequencies Relic Hawk VLF+ 5 kHz Explorer Series UnderWater Detecting
This is one of the most fascinating and fastest growing areas for metal detecting. Only in recent years have detectors such as the Minelab Excalibur been developed. Until this time, detector operators were restricted to the land while a bounty of treasures lay just beyond the shoreline. Metal detectors are now sophisticated enough to be operated in fresh and sea water up to depths of 200 feet, allowing divers to search for sunken Spanish galleons and shipwrecks. Others enjoy wading in the shallow water on a popular beach or swimming hole.

Excaliber Series BBS 17 Frequencies

Gold Prospecting
Metal detecting for gold nuggets is very enjoyable and rewarding in countries with known goldfields. In addition to the weekend fossicker, there are a significant number of men and women who make a full-time living from electronic prospecting. Advanced metal detecting technology, such as MPS used in Minelab's SD Series of detectors, provides better recovery rates and enables the operator to detect at greater depth, thereby re-opening previously searched areas.

Golden Hawk VLF 6.4kHz, 20kHz, 60kHz

XT 18000 VLF 6.4kHz, 20kHz, 60kHz SD Series MPS Pulse Induction